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Langh Ship focuses on environmental friendliness

The Langh companies take environmental matters into account in their day-to-day operations, and efforts to improve the state of the world’s seas are important t…

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DeltaLangh Ltd bought by Langh Tech

Langh Tech has bought Deltamarin Ltd’s share of the previously jointly owned DeltaLangh Ltd, which manufactures scrubbers and water treatment systems. ”The coop…

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Business transfer

Oy Langh Ship Ab’s (Business ID: 0136533-5) shipping operation will switch to tonnage tax as of 1 January 2015. To that end, the company will transfer, as of 1…

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New managing director for Langh Ship

Oy Langh Ship Ab will receive a new managing director at the turn of the year, when the current managing director, Hans Langh, takes over as Chairman of the Boa…

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Laura’s scrubber receives class approval

Langh Ship received on 17 July 2014 final class approval from Germanischer Lloyd for its exhaust gas cleaning system on m/s Laura. “The technology had already b…

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Langh Scrubber now from DeltaLangh

The scrubber, which was installed on Langh Ship’s m/s Laura in spring 2013, has been functioning perfectly already over one year. The exhaust gas is cleaned in…

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Eco-friendly scrubber by Langh Ship

The tightened environmental regulations in the sulphur emission control area (SECA) are strongly affecting the maritime industry. In order to comply with the su…

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Closed loop scrubber

Although nowadays the sulphur limit for ship fuel in the North Sea and Baltic Sea is 1%, Langh Ship’s m/s Laura sails in the area with whatever fuel the charter…

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Entrepreneurial Spirit of Turku Award

Hans Langh was awarded by the Turku Region Development Center in Finland for his long and distinguished career as an entrepreneur. Hans Langh accepted the award…

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