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Eco-friendly scrubber by Langh Ship

The tightened environmental regulations in the sulphur emission control area (SECA) are strongly affecting the maritime industry. In order to comply with the sulphur limit of 0.1% at the start of 2015, shipping companies will need to switch to diesel or install a scrubber on their vessel.

Langh Ship’s Commercial Manager Laura Langh-Lagerlöf was invited to speak at Lloyd’s Maritime Academy & Informa Maritime’s “A practical guide to scrubber systems” event in London, and to discuss Langh Ship’s solution to the current problem.

The audience listened intently as Laura recounted how the tightening sulphur regulations led Langh Ship to develop a scrubber in-house. It all started with a mini-scrubber on Langh Ship’s ms Aila vessel, where a small amount of the emission gases was led to the mini-scrubber, and the resulting washing water was cleaned ashore. A functioning scrubber was installed on Langh Ship’s ms Laura in May 2013, and the results have been very good.

The goals of the scrubber project were to fulfil the IMO requirements, not to compromise the ship’s seagoing properties, and to only cause a minimal reduction in the ship’s cargo-carrying capacity. Laura told the audience that these goals have been met, and that the scrubber is on its way to being classified as a system that fulfils all of the IMO regulations.

The Langh Scrubber’s eco-friendliness has been an important aspect from the start. Laura proudly pointed out that Langh Ship is one of the few operators in the maritime industry that has been successful in developing an eco-friendly scrubber that releases no harmful substances to the sea, which, in turn, helps protect the vulnerable Baltic Sea.

Additional information is given by:

Laura Langh-Lagerlöf, Commercial Manager +358 (0)40 583 8874,

High-resolution photos and the presentation are available at our material bank. Langh Ship is a Finnish family-owned company whose goal is to stay at the forefront of technological development in order to serve customers as effectively as possible. For us, high technology helps us bear our share of responsibility for the environment. Langh Ship’s fleet comprises five multipurpose cargo vessels.


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