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Entrepreneurial Spirit of Turku Award

Hans Langh was awarded by the Turku Region Development Center in Finland for his long and distinguished career as an entrepreneur.

Hans Langh accepted the award on the 6th of June from Niko Kyynäräinen, the Acting Director of the Turku Region Development Center, Megumi Hayashi, a spokeswoman for business development, and Henri Wibom, Managing Director, Federation of Finnish Enterprises Southwest Region.

The award recognizes Hans Langh’s innovativeness, which is also reflected by his many patents. Starting in the agribusiness and still an active farmer today, Hans Langh has established two companies, the shipping company Langh Ship and the Industrial and Ship Cleaning Services Hans Langh. He has also been active in employer organizations.

Together with his team, Langh has also developed successful steel transportation methods. “We work with the largest stainless steel producer in the world and have managed to practically eliminate cargo damage”, says Hans Langh.

In regard to the award, he says it is nice to be recognised for his 48 years as an entrepreneur. “This is my lifestyle. I always have a lot going on and I enjoy it,” he says with a smile.

Additional information is given by:

Commercial Manager Laura Langh-Lagerlöf +358 (0)40 583 8874,

Pictures can be found in our material bank.


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